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10 thoughts on “Contact

    • Currently, I am actually watching more j-dramas and kdramas than tw-dramas. The only tw-drama I am watching is love cheque charge and thats pretty much it. Havent had the mood to pick back apple in your eye and the way we were. I downloaded Sonia Sui’s new drama, Mr Right Wanted but havent had the chance to start watching. I am actually on a tw-drama slump. Nothing seem to interest me.. sigh.


  1. Ok I randomly started Apple in Your Eye..I take back what I said about Blue before, now I’m watching for his character. T_T””” I think the story is just ok, I find it kind of unbelievable that Ji Wei waited 10 years for him and lived in the same city just because she thought that’s where he still was? And I also feel like she looks/acts more like a 20 year old than a 27 year old after the time jump. O_O


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