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About Me:

My name is Caroline and I go by a few usernames on the internet, it would be c_gunawan541, carolies541 or 吊兒郎當的我. I’m currently a college student and used to be a full-time graphic designer but due to various complex reasons, I’m back studying. My time is pretty flexible as I often procrastinate about my works but I can be really busy at times.

In terms of language, I’m fluent in English and Mandarin so i usually watch Chinese subbed videos. Even though I’m fluent in English, I still make grammar mistakes and wording errors at times as English is not my first language, so pardon me if you spot any mistakes.

The blog name simply means “My Obsessions” as the word “line” is a part of my real name. I usually write in Chinese language and feel that my English vocabulary is very limited which is why I wanted to train myself in English writing through blogging as It would be the fastest way for me to improve.

This blog is for my occasional reviews/opinions, news and translations about the Asian dramas I’m watching (more focused on Taiwanese dramas). I may share some download links for some dramas from time to time. I’m also a friendly person, you can just email me or drop in any comment and have a chat with me in my contact page, haha! I don’t bite!

Humble Beginnings & Motivations:

I started this blog in the late May 2012 without any specific direction. I just needed a space to dump all the graphics I’ve done as an archive and occasionally, I talked about random stuffs that I’m watching. After a few posts of graphic archives, it’s pretty much a deserted space for 1 and the half year until December 2013, when I started blogging about the Taiwanese drama, In A Good Way (我的自由年代) I was obsessed about at that moment. So, I always count December 2013 as my starting point as an active drama blogger.

From then on, I slowly started to post brief reviews on underrated dramas and variety shows, year-end Asian drama review, video preview translations, downloads and news posts. Even though I’m an avid watcher of Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese shows (as you can see from my long dramalist), I decided to focus my blog on Taiwanese dramas since there’s not many blogs that focuses on this part. Moreover, I’m fluent in Mandarin and pretty well-versed in Taiwanese dramas so it’s the best decision for me to focus on the things I’m confident about. I occasionally blog on other shows in my compilation review posts: “Lazy Updates” and talk about underrated gems that not many people know about in my “Line’s Picks” posts. I also plan to make “Year-End Drama Reviews” a fixed column every year to talk about the dramas I’ve watched in that whole year.

My motivations are simple, I want to blog about the things I’m passionate about, dramas and shows I’m watching, sharing goodies with people and recommending underrated gems that deserve more love to people. Spread the love of Asian dramas 🙂

**Trivia: I used to run a relatively active Asian-indie music reviews and sharing blog on livejournal but I closed it down because I want people to support the artists. I always had the passion to recommend underrated stuffs to people in me.

My Obsessions:

Asian Dramas
– Korean
– Taiwanese
– Chinese
– Japanese

Variety Shows
– Infinity Challenge
– Appa Oediga

– Won Bin (He is the epitome of a handsome man.)
– Yoo Jae Suk (My ideal man!)
– Song Joong Ki (I never follow much of his dramas but the shallow me likes his face.)
– Vic Chou 周渝民 (He’ll always hold a special spot in my heart.)
– Jasper Liu 劉以豪 (His smile makes me melt like an ice-cream under the hot sun!)
– Cecilia Liu 劉詩詩 (Ruo Xi!!!!!)
– Im Joo Eun (SOOOO pretty, talented, underrated and under-utilised in heirs :()
– Kang Ji Young (The reason I’m into KARA even though I hardly pay attention to idol groups.)
– Ishihara Satomi (Sweet and cute like a button.)
– Sakai Masato (Legal High and Hanzawa Naoki made me a fan of this charismatic man!)

Music (Mostly Asian Indie Artists)
– Kings of Convenience
– The Whitest Boy Alive
– Gregory & The Hawk
– Lasse Lindh
– Maximilian Hecker
– Swan Dive
– Mocca
– Zee Avi
– Casker
– Linus’ Blanket
– Roller Coaster
– Vodka Rain
– My Aunt Mary
– Jeju Boys
– No Reply
– Lucid Fall
– Bluedawn
– Mate
– Sesame and Cotton Candy
– Clazziquai
– Lee Seung Yeol
– Junggigo
– Zitten
– Bulldog Mansion
– Misty Blue
– Humming Urban Stereo
– Tearliner
– Cho Kyu Chan
– W & Whale
– Lucite Tokki
– Mad Soul Child
– Kim Ye Rim (Lim Kim)
– David Tao 陶喆
– William Wei 韋禮安
– Khalil Fong 方大同
– The Girl and The Robots 女孩與機器人
– Frandé 法蘭黛樂團
– Waa Wei 魏如萱
– Crowd Lu 盧廣仲
– Joanna Wang 王若琳
– Cosmos People 宇宙人
– The Life Journey 旅行團
– Cheer Chen 陳綺貞
– The Super VC 果味VC
– Carrchy 卡奇社
– Swinging Popsicle
– Monkey Majik
– Toy
– Lamp
– Shiina Ringo

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