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Annie Chen’s Boysitter (俏摩女搶頭婚) Releases 8min Long Trailer

Finally, the long awaited Tw-drama, Boysitter (俏摩女搶頭婚) releases its 8min long trailer (along with a Chinese title change for the second time, from 摩女搶頭婚 to 俏摩女搶頭婚). I’m not too familiar with River Huang (My Mandala) and I’ve something against guys having long hair but I think he actually fits his long lock pretty well, it made him look mature too even though he used to play teenage characters in the past so this is the first time he actually plays an adult role (in drama). Plus, his acting looks pretty solid based on the trailer (he’s a critically acclaimed movie actor) and there’s a lot of chemistry between him and Annie Chen (Love Around) .  I don’t particularly follow Annie Chen’s career but I realized that I’ve watched most of her dramas, even before she made it huge through SETTV dailies so I think she does have a certain endearing charm as a female lead.

As this is a TVBS production, those who watched TVBS dramas before might be able to spot a few familiar faces like Nita Lei (Rock ‘N’ Road)  who played the bitchy diva in Rock ‘N’ Road, she’s playing as a naive girl this time round, Yang Qing (The Way We Were) played as supporting characters in almost every TVBS productions, Kiss Me, Mom (媽親一下), Rock ‘N’ Road and even in The Way We Were where she played as Melvin Sia’s final love. Melvin Sia (The Way We Were)  is playing as the second male lead AGAIN but we’ll soon be able to see him playing as the male lead (finally!) in the upcoming SETTV dailies, My Precious Four Daughter (Unofficial English Title) (我的寶貝四千金). Boysitter have finished wrapping up the filming earlier this year and My Precious Four Daughter adopts a live-shooting mode so there won’t be any conflicts in filming schedule but we’ll get to see Melvin Sia in 6-days a week – Mon-Fri in My Precious Four Daughters and Saturday in Boysitter, whew! Hopefully, you guys won’t get tired of seeing Melvin Sia on screen.

Boysitter tells a story about a woman, Yuan-Fei (Annie Chen) who longs for a marriage with her long-term boyfriend, Jian-Ren (River Huang). However, Jian-Ren thinks otherwise and believes that even without marriage, they still can stay happily together forever and he also thinks that marriage is a method to bind two unwilling people together. Yuan-Fei treats his beliefs as mere excuses for his own childishness and she always try to get him into marriage but finally one day, she got tired of trying and disappears from Jian-Ren’s life. 6 years later, Yuan-Fei comes back as a strong career woman and becomes Jian-Ren’s competition at work. At the same time, Jian-Ren is still that childish playboy who can’t settle down but deep down, he actually believes that their 6-years separation is just a long break from each other and it’s not considered as breaking up. Besides that, Yuan-Fei also comes back with a hidden secret, she’s already a single mother of a 5-years old boy.

The summary above have pretty much covered what was shown in the 8-min long trailer. I like how Yuan-Fei (Annie Chen) only revealed her secret at the very end of the trailer to her best friend (Yang Qing), whom she also left for 6 years. TVBS cinematography is very pretty because they adjust the colors and the lighting feels natural (SETTV need to learn from them!) so I’m looking forward to this. The drama also collaborated with a famed illustrator to decorate the scenes (as you can see from the opening theme video) and they also have a drama mascot, called Wen Di-Ni who plays as a “cartoon character” that expresses Yuan-Fei’s inner thoughts (like in mangas). Hopefully, this will be a drama that can pull me out of my recent Taiwanese drama slump.

Boysitter premieres on December 6th and airs on every Saturday in TVBS.

8-min Trailer:

Opening Theme: 831 (八三夭) – Foolish Buddy (熊麻吉)

Ending Theme: Shi Shi (孫盛希) – Lack a little bit of talent (少一點天份)


This teaser with their mascot is pretty cute.

Character Chart:

boysitter-3 boysitter-2
boysitter-10 boysitter-11
boysitter-5 boysitter-8 boysitter-7 boysitter-4 boysitter-9

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