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News Bites: November 24th, 2014

There are always various news I want to talk about but end up not doing as I don’t think they can make up a post so I shall just bundle them up and post them together. I will try to do news bundle at least once per month or twice per month. News bites is inspired by one of Dramabean’s section.


  • Jasper Liu (Pleasantly Surprised) recently participated in the Rainie Yang‘s (Drunken to Love You) MV, A little bit of water (點水) from her 9th Album, A Tale of Two Rainie (雙丞戲). Both plays as lovers who break up due to circumstances. Even though they didn’t have any kiss scene, Jasper Liu had to rub his nose against Rainie Yang’s nose and they say that it’s even more embarrassing than a kiss scene as it’s an intimate skinship. I thought they look really great together, both of them are so babyfaced, maybe they can collaborate in a drama next time? [WOWnews]

rainie-jasper4 rainie-jasper3 rainie-jasper2

Watch the MV and their BTS!


  • The cast of Mr. Right Wanted (征婚啟事), Sonia Sui (The Pursuit of Happiness), Hans Chung (Boys Can Fly), Zhang Shao Huai (Amour et Pâtisserie) and many more assembled for a fanmeeting. Hans Chung shed his rebellious teenage gangster image from Boys Can Fly (刺猬男孩) to become a bright, sunny delivery boy in the drama. Zhang Shao Huai plays as the eccentric marriage applicant, calling himself “Planet” and he have a lot of strange but sensible theories about love and life, his character have been very well-received by the audience. Even though the target audience is 25-44 years old women who are at the marriage-age, the drama is earning some popularity among men too. Mr. Right Wanted is currently airing on every friday on TTV. [WOWnews]


  • TVBS drama production, Boysitter (俏摩女搶頭婚) have recently changed its chinese title for the second time, from 魔女搶頭婚 to 摩女搶頭婚 to 俏摩女搶頭婚, please let this be the last title change as they don’t have much time left till premiere: December 6th on CTS and TVBS. The cast recently held VIP screening and press conference to promote the drama. Annie Chen (Love Around) will be playing a single mother who reunites with her ex-boyfriend, River Huang (My Mandala) in the workplace as his superior. Melvin Sia (The Way We Were) will be the second male lead vying for Annie Chen’s love and Nita Lei (Rock ‘N’ Road) will cast aside her bitchy diva role from Rock ‘N’ Road (A咖的路) to become a naive girl this time round. [WOWnews1] [WOWnews2]
  • Veteran actor Jason Wang (An Innocent Mistake, Second Chance) joins SETTV production and the higher-ups of the TV channel is offering him 7 types of role, he’s free to choose any role. Some of the offers include the next upcoming 8pm Taiwanese-Hokkien drama and SETTV’s upcoming flagship, big-budget drama, 紫色大稻埕. I have a mixed feeling about this news as I think he will be able to challenge other type of roles outside SETTV but it’s true that SETTV produces a lot of dramas in each year compared to other Taiwanese channels. I was glad that he left FTV’s 8pm prime-time Taiwanese-Hokkien drama field which usually have over hundreds of episodes to go for smaller, quality dramas like An Innocent Mistake (罪美麗) but joining SETTV means he may be back acting in dramas with hundreds of episode again? NOOOOO!! He’s a Da Shu (Ahjussi/Uncle) I really like so I’m hoping that he will choose another quality drama instead the longwinded Taiwanese-Hokkien dramas. [WOWnews]
  • The producer of long-running famous Taiwanese talkshow, Kang Xi Lai Le (康熙來了) is collaborating with an online gaming company, Gamania to establish the first, ever licensed Taiwanese online video streaming platform, Coture (酷瞧). It’s their first step to combat against big Mainland China’s video streaming platforms like Iqiyi, Youku, Tencent, etc. The site will contain variety shows and original dramas. Coture plans to fully operate by 2015 with 10 categories such as dramas, variety shows, games, travels, horror etc. The staffs will be adding more contents bit by bit. Currently, only youthful coming-of-age web drama,  Immature Senate (大人的殿堂) and a few other variety shows are readily available in the website. Qiu Hao-Qi (You Light Up My Star) and Beatrice Fang (Fall in Love With Me) are part of the large youthful cast. [WOWnews]


  • 51st Annual Golden Horse Awards was held in 22nd of November, the award ceremony was star-studded with A-list actors and actresses.  Chen Shiang-chyi (Exit) and Chen Jian-Bin (The Legend of Zhen Huan) were crowned as the queen and king of movies by snatching the Best Female Lead and Best Male Lead awards respectively. The red-carpet fashion is always the main focus of the media, which of the actor or actress do you think is the best-dresser of the night? Watch the interview video. [Yahoo Taiwan] [Now News] [Marie Claire Taiwan]
  • A little bit on not the Taiwanese drama section, Taiwanese pop queen, Jolin Tsai recently went to Seoul, Korea for the photoshoot of November Issue of Marie Claire Taiwan. She’s currently promoting her 13th full-album, Play (呸) and the title track’s sims-esque MV have been garnering a lot of attention for its creative, fun and colorful look. Currently, the MV of Play have surpassed 6 million views ever since its release in early November and the count is still constantly rising. [Marie Claire Taiwan1] [Marie Claire Taiwan2]

Jolin-marieclairenov1 Jolin-marieclairenov2

3 thoughts on “News Bites: November 24th, 2014

  1. No one looked bad, but no one really impressed me either (dress-wise). I think Tiffany Hsu looked the best. Gong Li looks great in gold, and I like Chen Shiang Chyi’s white gloves.

    Did you see the report about Gong Li being bitter that she lost? I think she was too confident that she was going to win…. oh well, both CSC and GL were overdue. If GL enters another year, I definitely think she’d win, but since she said she would never enter again…. lol I don’t think she’d call the judging unfair if she had won.


    • Also looking at some of the reviews, I think Chen Shiang Chyi got an advantage because Exit was overall a better film than Coming Home. And it seems like from some of the American sources, reviews of Exit have specifically praised CSC’s acting in it, while not so much for GL and her film.


    • I think the biggest shocker of the night for me was Tony Yang’s bald head, did you see that!!?

      Hahahahaa! I did like a few dresses, like Gui Lun Mei, Ivy Chen and Sandrine Pinna, I’ll say they’re rocking their look. Rather than having a super pretty dress, I think a “good fit” is more important as for example, I really like Michelle Chen’s red dress for the night but she didn’t pull it well and instead made her arms and legs look muscular… I think an actress who is taller and have a very slender figure will fit her dress better.

      I’ll usually ignore media reports since we don’t really know what’s going on in their head and reports love to speculate and twist things like Zai Zai and Mark Chao for their Golden Bell Awards and caused friction and awkwardness between them. GL is definitely talented but even if she’s bitter, it’s understandable… as long as she didn’t make any rude comments, it’s totally fine with me.


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