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Action-Romance Drama, The New World (新世界) to Follow After Mr. Right Wanted

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Brought to you by the writer and director of mystery-thriller drama, Man. Boy (小孩大人) and legal-romance drama, Justice for Love (天平上的馬爾濟斯), The New World (新世界) seems promising. It is packed with uprising rookies, Zhang Ting-Hu (Apple in Your Eye, Boys Can Fly), Roxanne Yang (Love Family), Penber Pan (Man. Boy), Mini Tsai (Lucky Touch).

I think it’s a pretty bold move from the producers to choose these rookies to lead an action themed drama. However, judging from the teasers, I think they’re spot on with the casting. I never watched Mini Tsai (Cai Huang-Ru) in action before but she looks pretty convincing or at least decent as an interpol. Roxanne Yang surprised me with her new look as she look SOOOO different from how she was in Love Family where she played as the youngest sister of the heroine, she looks much more mature without her bangs and that fits her character much better. Zhang Ting-Hu and Penber Pan are looking great in this drama too.

The New World talks about four childhood friends, Miao Miao, Qing Ting, Xi Shuai and Xiao Cao (these are childhood nicknames) who grew up in a village together but got separated as they grow up. Miao Miao (Roxanne Yang) who have now became a local newspaper editor starts to search for her childhood friends. At the same time, her best friend Luo Yong-Mei (Angela Lee) who is the daughter of a newly appointed governor became the assault target of a team of criminals. To counter the assault, the police sent a special investigation team to protect the governor’s daughter and investigate on the case. Lin Zi-Yan (Mini Tsai) and Liu Dong-Han (Penber Pan) are part of the special investigation team. While in search for her childhood friend, Miao Miao found out that Shen Zi-Hong (Zhang Ting-Hu), a retired special forces officer is Qing Ting. At one point, the special investigation team suspect him of being involved in the case and tries to arrest him. The story will revolve around the lives of these 4 young people who are in opposing positions due to circumstances. Through conflicts, will their bond become stronger or break in the process?

I thoroughly enjoyed Man. Boy and Justice for Love, they had some parts of pleasant romance but most of the time, the writers emphasize on the mystery plot that intrigues and excites me and the tones of his dramas are pretty realistic. With his previous experiences, I’ll put faith onto him to write a solid action story so I’m hoping this won’t disappoint me. The New World is slated to follow after Mr. Right Wanted (征婚啟事) in January 16th. However, I’m not too sure whether The New World will follow the 2-episode per week format of Mr. Right Wanted. I highly doubt it though as each episode of Mr. Right Wanted is around 45min long and each episode of The New World is said to be 90min long. If The New World turns out to be good, it means that TTV have consistently deliver 3 quality dramas (Apple in Your Eye, Mr. Right Wanted and The New World) and that’s a commendable feat.

The trailers are out but I think they’re more like teasers than trailers as they don’t include any dialogues of the characters. The way they edit the trailer is so choppy so I’m hoping they’ll release a new full proper trailer in the future. The poster is very boring-looking, I hope the story will be much better than its marketing stuffs.

5min Trailer: Love Theme Version

10sec Teaser

Characters Introduction: Mini Tsai

Characters Introduction: Roxanne Yang

Character Introduction: Zhang Ting-Hu

Character Introduction: Penber Pan


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6 thoughts on “Action-Romance Drama, The New World (新世界) to Follow After Mr. Right Wanted

  1. I like action drama so I might give this a try but watching the 5 mins trailer look more like a romance/drama than action drama. Everyone look super heart brooking. lol Will the 10sec teaser look better with the action pack.


    • I’m okay about the cast, Zhang Ting-Hu is cute and even though I’m not too familiar with the other casts, I like that I’m seeing fresh faces instead of the same old few people. I’m anticipating this one because it look different from most of Tw-drama offerings and I have some faith in the screenwriter, haha!


  2. omg I’m kinda excited for this! it seems like the media is hyping Zhang Ting-Hu so much lol the last TW action dramas I watched (there aren’t really a lot) were Black & White (good) and Dragon Gate starring tammy chen (total mess). I hope this is a good combo of action and romance, and not too much melodrama


    • Zhang Ting-Hu is pretty green but he picks good projects, or at least unconventional projects, Boys Can Fly, AIYE and then now this. I can see his ambitions as an actor, he’s a star I’ll be looking out for. I don’t think this will be like Black&White but more like Man.Boy or Justice For Love that kind of non-glossy action but realistic and packed with suspense/mystery.


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