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Current Status: Taiwanese Drama Slump – Dramas that I Dropped or Kept On-Hold

Yes…. I have come to the dreaded tw-drama slump, which explains why my blog have been pretty quiet over the past 2-3 weeks and I stopped reviewing tw-dramas for quite some time because I haven’t found a new tw-drama that I have the urge to write about. I’m currently watching more Korean and Japanese dramas but I won’t talk about them in detailed in this post (more on them in my upcoming year-end drama review post) as I’ll be focusing on the Taiwanese dramas I’ve watched but kept on-hold or dropped like a hot potato.

Beware: I might be ranting about some dramas and sound harsh in my post. Not for the sensitive hearts, proceed with care.

Currently obsessed with:
Korean dramas: Misaeng, Pride and Prejudice, Bad Guys
(Cable channels are rocking my dramaland. Please award Misaeng as drama of the year.)

Japanese dramas:
Dear Sister, Doctor X-3, First Class 2
(I’m more obsessed with Dear Sister than the other 2.)

Taiwanese drama: Love Cheque Charge
(That’s pretty much it, the only tw-drama I’m casually watching.)



Lovestore at the Corner (巷弄裡的那家書店) – DROPPED

It has a strong start but again, like so many other dramas, it falter towards the end and I dropped it midway through. It would have been a quality drama if the producers kept it short and sweet (14 episodes will be more than enough). I mentioned before in my reviews that I hope they won’t focus on their loveline but apparently, the producers decided to go ahead and make this drama so cliche with jealousy, love triangle and typical romance angst that it lost its unconventional charms. I’m not surprised by how it only managed to get one nomination in the Golden Bell Awards even though the producers had the ambitions to make this an award-winning drama. They didn’t have enough skills to back up their overly-bloated ambitions and it end up as a HUGE disappointment among critics and fans. Such a sad case when it had sooooooo much potential. I’m harsher when it comes to a drama I LOVED but end up disappointing me as it’s double disappointment. Such a waste of acting talents. I’ll say the fault lies mostly with the screenwriters. Sigh…

You Light Up My Star (你照亮我星球) – DROPPED

Sadly no. It didn’t light up my world (or dramaland to be exact). I gave it a lot of chance, I was generous enough to try watching it for 11 episodes but my patience end up running thin as I watch the main character, Cheng-Wei (Joe Cheng) feeling depressed, destructive and lashing out on the innocent people for so many episodes. Worst still, I was shipping him more with second female lead, Yi-Fang (Summer Meng) than the heroine, Man-Ling (Janine Chang). I just couldn’t ship Cheng-Wei with Man-Ling as he’s so abusive and cold when it comes to her so even if he gets better in the last few episodes, I’ll still feel that they just don’t match each other.

Normally I would feel pity for Man-Ling as a character as she’s been getting the cold shoulder from Cheng-Wei but I felt little pity for her as I wasn’t a fan of how naive or clingy she is. I liked her better when she started becoming independent and stop obsessing about Cheng-Wei. I had hopes for this drama to get better but after weeks of disappointments, I finally dropped it. The low rating also shows that most people weren’t that interested in the drama. I hope Director Winnie picks a good screenwriter to collaborate with.

Aim High (22K夢想高飛) – ON-HOLD

Not that I had high expectations to begin with but the teaser with Lego Lee and Yao Yao really got me riled up and the long trailer looks great but when I finally get to watch the full episode, it’s nowhere as nice as their trailer. It’s actually pretty decent but I feel it’s a little bit too cheesy for my taste and the lack of Lego Lee and Yao Yao couple in the first episode also did nothing to make me feel interested as Summer Meng is such a typical boring heroine and I just don’t feel enough chemistry from her and Chris Wang. Chris Wang is a decent actor but he lacks the X-factor that makes him interesting to watch and I never really shipped him with any of his on-screen partners (Yes, that includes Annie Chen from Inborn Pair…). Taste is very subjective so I hope Chris Wang’s fans won’t be offended by my comment :p.

Netizens have been criticizing about how unprofessional the characters are in their work and that’s a big NO-NO for a career-focused drama. The audience are not really buying the storyline and it reflects in their rating, recording only 1.08 as their highest and 0.83 as their lowest. Their highest rating is even lower than their predecessor, Pleasantly Surprised (喜歡 . 一個人)’s lowest rating and that’s not a good sign. Out of the main couples, I think Lego Lee and Yao Yao have the stronger storyline so I’ll probably pick it back up again if I hear good things about them. But at the moment, I have other better dramas to watch than Aim High.


Well-received by the audience but currently not in the mood to watch:

Sometimes, my brain functions strangely. The drama is good but I don’t feel that invested or have the mood to continue watching. That doesn’t mean I won’t pick them back. I just need to be in the right mood to watch them. Mood is such a mystery.

The Way We Were (16個夏天) – ON-HOLD

I feel like there will be a ton of people rushing to throw stones on me just because I kept this on-hold for so long as it’s such a well-received drama. The Way We Were is the only weekly TW-drama that managed to break 2 in rating other than SETTV idol dramas and that speaks volume. Good production quality? Check. Good storyline? Check. Good acting? Check. Good music? Check. Me? Uncheck. LOL….  It’s my own problem, I just didn’t have the mood to watch TWWW so I stopped at Ep2. I had plans to pick it back up but always end up delaying for various other reasons and when I’m finally free, I feel that I’ve no mood to continue as I think I saw too many spoilers lying around in the blogsphere, haha! I had no motivations to watch the heavy angst that lies in the future for these characters but I’m sure someday I’ll pick it back up. I’ll hold my verdict until that day.

Apple in Your Eye (妹妹) – ON-HOLD

Truthfully, I’m more invested in Apple in Your Eye than The Way We Were when I watched it but…. I didn’t care enough for the main couple and that’s very problematic as their story is the main focus. I like the characters individually but when you put the main couple together, I don’t feel enough for them (I find them better as siblings than as a couple). That’s the type of problem I had with Mag Hsu’s In Time With You (我可能不會愛你) too, I felt detached from the main couple despite loving the main characters individually. I just felt like they didn’t have to necessarily end up together and even if they get together, I’m happy for them. Like The Way We Were, it’s very well-received, it has good production quality, good acting, good script but I wasn’t in the right mood to continue. I kept it on hold and stopped at ep6 but I’ll probably pick it back up pretty soon as it has only 13 episodes, 7 episodes is not that much.






Alright, you guys can stone me… for being a lazy blogger. I’ll take the well-deserved hit T_T
Don’t let my opinion sway you, just start watching anything you’re interested in.


26 thoughts on “Current Status: Taiwanese Drama Slump – Dramas that I Dropped or Kept On-Hold

    • It’s a good thing that I still have my kdrama fix. Drama slump is taking turns on me, first k-drama slump and now, tw-drama slump 😦 . The new season of Taiwanese dramas don’t excite me. I’ll probably give Mr.Right Wanted a try when more episodes are out.


    • I’m very curious about the drama! It’s on my to-watch list I will try it when I can. I am trying to juggle the dramas I’m following…so I’m sorta going back and forth between dramas…


  1. Lovestore at the Corner – I was so disappointed at how they handled the show after the first half, it’s really a shame because this drama had such a great start….

    You Light Up My Star – the editing was a mess so I just dropped it after the first episode.

    The Way We Were – I’ll probably continue this one but to be honest not in the mood. I know how the story continues and probably that’s why I kind of dropped, but if I will have time (or maybe nothing to watch) then I will re-start watching this one.

    I loved how Taiwanese dramas started the year but now it’s like they just lost their motive to make a good show ….OTL


    • You spoke my mind, I’m just not interested in the currently airing Tw-dramas but not everything is bad. At least Mr.Right Wanted is getting pretty decent reviews and TWWW and AIYE are well-received. I guess it’s because we’re just not in the mood to watch these themes.


    • That’s probably it.

      TWWW is well written, yet I can’t find myself to watch it for now, maybe it’s also my fault for going tho some newer episodes thus I found out what happens.

      I haven’t watched AIYE (yet) but I did saw some good reviews around here.

      I’m in a slump with dramas in general T_T


    • I highly recommend kdrama: Misaeng, I’m sure you’ve seen great reviews about it in the blogsphere. It kind of pulled me out of the drama slump (along with Pride and Prejudice).


    • I’m keeping Misaeng and Bad Guys for the winter break, I want to enjoy these two dramas. Tho lately I’ve been into “Korea’s next top model cycle 5 Guys and Girls” – not a drama but loving the hot guys XD (Lee Cheol Woo is in it – I have a soft spot for this guy)


    • I watched a couple of episodes of KNTM S5 but wasn’t in the mood to continue. That said, I don’t think I will ever have a variety show slump, JTBC’s Go to School, Abnormal Summit and long-running Infinite Challenge are like my weekly nutrition. As for WGM, I’m only following Hong Jong-Hyun and Yura couple.

      I watched a couple of episodes of the popular Song Jae-Rim and Kim So-Eun couple but I find them very cheesy (even though they’re funny). I just feel like it’s two actor/actress acting in a rom-com and they lack the sincerity I always like to see in a WGM couple.


  2. i also dropped you light up my star, the way we were and lovestore at the corner.. i gave up! boring boring boring! i couldn’t find any other word now, LOLs
    i havent watched aim high, oh Gosh, i love Chris wang and Lego lee but the trailer and the actresses didn’t seem promising.. hehe..
    well, apple in your eye seems good.. i’ll try.. thank you ^^

    ps : totally agree about misaeng! btw do you like J-dorama? i’ll recommend The Testimony of N. really nice one, but unfortunately, the engsub isn’t fast 😦


    • TWWW is very well-received though, I’m surprised someone think it’s boring, haha. I guess the future angst and spoilers kinda discourage me from watching.

      I watch quite a lot of j-dramas, I know Testimony of N and the chinese subs come out pretty fast (I usually watch chinese subs), it’s been getting pretty decent reviews so I’ll probably put it to my to-watch list. Truthfully, I’m not a big fan of Eikura Nana but she works for me if the script is good. For this year’s jdrama, I really like borderline and Hirugao. Platonic is decent but may be a bit slow for some people.

      I’m planning to watch the popular Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu but having read the manga itself, I don’t feel the urge to watch the drama adaptation yet. It’s a good manga but I’ve reservations about the drama adaptation.


    • you should try dear sister, LOLs.. i watched it yesterday and totally fall for the storyline..

      i know TWWW is well received but then.. i dunno.. i might be one of a kind LOLs..

      I watched ep.1 of hirugao but not my cup of tea.. so i dropped it 🙂

      hey, have you tried watching Pinocchio? i love it too!


    • Yup! Dear sister is in my currently obsessed list (mentioned in this post), haha!

      Pinocchio doesnt interest me much even though I LOVE I hear your voice (comes from the same writer), reporter theme is not my cup of tea. Might give it a try if I am bored.


  3. That’s the problem with not following the dramas while they air, although I had every intention to continue TWWW and AIYE… thanks to spoilers I kinda know the ending for both. >< I just wish news writers would stop putting the endings in the title of the article!!!!

    I loved ep1 of Mr Right Wanted, it's refreshing to see a 30+ woman who doesn't want to get married and actually mean it. Even her interactions with current boyfriend were interesting to watch. Plus Hans Chung is a cutie!!!


    • I also caught up with Mr. Right Wanted and I love the heroine’s professionalism and how cool-headed she is and really, it’s refreshing to see a woman who doesn’t crave for marriage in her 30s. I totally get her even though I’m not yet 30, haha!


  4. I’m liking Aim High at the moment. I haven’t been able to watch any good Tw-drama this year and Aim High is the best for me so far.

    I did try to watch Mr. Right Wanted but I give up after episode 1 maybe its not for me. The storyline and teaser look good but its just that the pace is a bite slow for me.


    • I’m not feeling much for Aim High but I’m liking what I’ve seen of Mr. Right Wanted. Maybe I was expecting Aim High to have a more realistic tone but it came out as more like a youthful drama instead. Aim High is decent so I’ll probably pick it back up soon (when it almost finish airing).


  5. My favourite so far is Aim High. I try to watch all the drama currently air and available on viki only to get the subs from them and post it up on my Twitter. If you don’t feel to watch any #twdrama, viki actually has some more title to come in the next month.

    If you a fan of K.O One Series you can try Angel n Devil. As for me, Boysitter seem promising for me.


    • Boysitter looks pretty good, I’m putting it on my tab list. Even though I usually only watch dramas with chinese subs, I always appreciate people who share subs 🙂 Definitely following you on twitter since I just created an account, haha!


  6. Did you watch Mr. Right Wanted omg I love the show but I barely see anyone talking about it idk why when it’s sooooo well-produced and well-acted. Would LOVE to hear your thoughts on it! 😀


    • I’m in the process of writing a first impression post on it but the process is super duper slow since I’ll be recapping/summarizing 4 episodes at one go. Haha! So far so good though!


  7. I’m waiting for something to blow me away 🙂 I really enjoyed TWWW. Haven’t finished it yet. I can see why people say it’s boring, since it moves reaally slow and you know that at least 16 summers have to pass before the conclusion. I also think the first five episodes were the strongest.

    AIYE was a good attempt but the quality wasn’t consistent. I liked the climax for the plot (ep 8 I think?) when there were some good emotional scenes. But I don’t think the writing brought anything new, and I didn’t like the second male lead character’s story.


    • I actually kind of like the second male lead but I heard his future developments is pretty controversial. I feel like Mag Hsu always try to make her secondary male lead change for the sake of getting her main pairing together. Anyways I still have to get back to AIYE. I did enjoy The Way We Were for its first 2 episodes but for some reason, I’m just dragging my feet to finish it.


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