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49th Annual Golden Bell Awards (Drama Section)

Golden Bell Awards is the Taiwanese version of the Emmy Awards, it’s the biggest annual television production award ceremony that awards dramas, radio and tv programs. Unlike Korea’s television industry where each TV stations hold their own separate award ceremony, there’s only one award ceremony in Taiwan and that leads to intense competition. Getting nominated in the Golden Bell Awards is like getting a stamp of approval from industry professionals.

The award ceremony was held last night and I’m not really surprised by the winning list, Taiwanese-Hokkien-series, Sun After The Rain (雨後驕陽) and Boys Can Fly (刺猬男孩) are the power-houses of the night, winning many nominations and it’s all very well-deserved since they’re critically well-received and especially Sun After the Rain, which was one of the biggest rating hit this year. On the individual awards side, Chistopher Lee (Mr. Right Wanted, A Good Wife) and Zhong Xin-Ling (Sun After The Rain) took home the Best Leading Actor and Best Leading Actress awards respectively. It’s quite a pity that the hit idol-drama, In A Good Way (我的自由年代) only managed to win the Best Marketing Programme Award out of several nominations but the competitors are much stronger this year so it’s understandable. Congratulations to all the winners!

Winners List
(I’m only listing down the awards related to drama category, not including short mini-series.)

Best Television Series: Boys Can Fly (刺猬男孩)
Best Leading Actor: Christopher Lee (A Good Wife)
Best Leading Actress: Zhong Xin-Ling (Sun After The Rain)
Best Supporting Actor: Chen Bo Zheng (Sun After The Rain)
Best Supporting Actress: Isa Hsieh (Lonely River)
Best Directing: Chen Zhang-Lun (Lonely River)
Best Screenwriting: Wang Xiao-Di, An Zhe-Yi, Zhang Ke-Xin & Zhan Jun-Jie (Boys Can Fly)
Best Marketing Programme: In A Good Way (我的自由年代)

Vic Chou
I’m not really a fan of Vic Chou‘s grandpa suit, it’s like they cut out a curtain to make this suit and the color looks old. I’m a big fan of Vic Chou himself but I would prefer a cleaner look for his suit.

Vic Chou-3 Vic Chou-2 Vic Chou-4
Having won the Best Leading Actor Award last year, he came back this year to present the award for Best Television Series with Bolin Chen (they even linked their arms together, bromance alert??) so I’m happy to see him even though he’s not being nominated for anything this year.

Vic Chou and Bolin Chen
Bolin Chen is looking great (minus his hairstyle), he’s not really my type of guy so I shall wait for dramapot to come and retrieve her boyfriend, LOL.

Bolin Chen Bolin Chen-2 Bolin Chen-3

Joe Chen-2
Even though Joe Chen‘s career is red hot in Mainland China, it’s been years since we last saw her in a Taiwanese drama and now, she’s back to present the award for Best Directing for Mini Series. I’m kind of digging her dress, it’s safe and appropriate without being too boring, she looks very elegant and she’s really working on that sexy back-cut, gorgeous!
Joe Chen Joe Chen-3 Joe Chen-4

Joe Cheng and Amber Kuo
Joe Cheng looks sharp and fantastic, together with Amber Kuo, they were both here to present the Best Supporting Actor and Actress award for Mini-Series category. Joe Cheng’s suit can go wrong for other shorter actors but it’s very fitting for his slender look, I just hope that his pants can be a little bit longer and it will be better.  On the other hand, Amber Kuo’s dress is just a big NO-NO, it makes her look twice older than her age. Other than that, they both actually look great together, having paired before in Channel-X (國民英雄), maybe they can do another collaboration (in other channels, not SETTV)?

Joe-2 Joe-Amber-1 Joe Cheng and Amber Kuo on stage

Blue Lan and Jade Chou-3
Newly-Wed star couple, Blue Lan and Jade Chou are looking great together, though I’m not really liking Jade Chou’s dress, the collar in particular is just UGH, and her styling makes her look old, she looks much better with natural styling. Even though Blue Lan didn’t go home with any award this year, he’s a winner in real life, he looks like he’s leading a happy married life. I’m sure he’ll have a better opportunity to win next year with his current hit drama, Apple in Your Eye (妹妹). If he really wins next year, then this couple will be the Award winning couple as Jade Chou won the Best Actress Award two years ago with Falling (含苞欲墜的每一天).
Blue Lan and Jade Chou Blue Lan and Jade Chou-2 Blue Lan-1

Bianca Bai and Leroy Young
I personally like Bianca Bai‘s looks as it totally shows off her great model body and red lipstick looks great on her. However, when she’s standing beside Leroy Young, somehow they don’t really fit well, their styling don’t really match each other. Leroy Young’s flowery blouse is camouflaging with his suit, there’s just too many things going on for his looks, it would be much better if he wears a white blouse inside instead of that flowery blouse that’s making me dizzy. Bianca Bai went on stage to present the award with her retired TV-director father, Bai Guo-Jia, such a heartwarming scene. He even said that he’s thankful for having such a wonderful daughter, cute!
Bianca Bai-2 Bianca-Leroy2 bianca bai with father

Both Cheryl Yang and Ella Chen picked white dresses for the red carpet. I prefer Ella’s white dress a little bit more even though I prefer Cheryl Yang’s bright white color as the cutting on Cheryl’s dress look so strange. Ella is becoming more and more feminine over the years, looking at her now, I almost can’t remember how she looks like back in her tomboy-era.
Cheryl Yang-2 Cheryl Yang Cheryl Yang-3
Ella Ella-2 Ella-3

Despite not being able to take home any awards last night, River Huang and Jay Shih still have a bright future ahead of them as being nominated means they’ve the potential, they just need to pick better projects. Jay Shih is doing pretty decent in his current daily drama, Love Cheque Charge (幸福兌換劵) and I’m anticipating River Huang’s upcoming drama with Annie ChenBoysitter (摩女搶頭婚).
 River Huang Jay Shih Jay Shih-2

As for the ladies’ looks, Joelle Lu‘s flowy red silk dress is stunning, I’m usually not a big fan of low-cut dress but she makes it look pretty. Still, I would have much prefer the dress to be of a higher-cut. Megan Lai‘s black flowery-laced dress is just boring and I hate that necklace on her, it’s a shame that her look wasn’t able to bring out her beauty. Having watched her latest movie, Café·Waiting·Love (等一個人咖啡) where she plays as a “handsome” lesbian, I think she’s very versatile as an actress and I’m looking forward to see more from her.
Joelle Joelle-2 Megan Lai-2

Kimi Hsia is nominated as the Best Host with popular Taiwanese MC, Sam Tseng for their long running cooking variety show, Stylish Man – The Chef (型男大主廚). I have mixed feelings for her flower print dress as I love her makeup and hairstyle but would prefer her dress to be not such a low-cut. Still, she looks very lovely. I would probably vote Lee Kang-Yi as the worst dresser of the night, all that glitter makes me dizzy and it makes her look SO old, it may be a little bit better if she’s styled differently. It’s been quite some time since I last saw her headlining a prime-time weekly drama, I’m kind of missing her on my screen. She’s a natural actress that I really like.
Kimi Hsia Kimi Hsia-2 Lee Kang Yi-2

Boys Can Fly - Cast
The youthful cast of Boys Can Fly (刺猬男孩) came together hand-in-hand with their award-winning director, Wang Xiao-Di (on the far right). Although Wang Xiao-Di didn’t manage to grab any directing award this year, he have proven himself as an outstanding director through Wayward Kenting (我在墾丁,天氣晴), Falling and Boys Can Fly. Frankly, I only watched one episode of Boys Can Fly after hearing so many raved reviews about it so I don’t think I can make my verdict on it yet, but I think these young actors are doing a pretty great job in the first episode alone, I’ll catch up again with it once I’ve more time on my hand. Hans Chung is looking very sharp and manly in his classic black and white tuxedo. Lee Chia-Ying looks sweet in her knee-length monochrome flower dress. Zhang Ting-Hu is just SO cute (I love his smile), normally I would have cringed at a guy who wears a pink tie but it definitely looks cute on him.

Boys Can Fly - Hans Chung Boys Can Fly - Lee Chia Ying Boys Can Fly - Zhang Ting Hu

Sandrine Pinna came together with Chris Wang, this is such an unexpected combination, have they worked before together or did I miss anything? Anyways, Sandrine Pinna’s look is not my cup of tea, like Cheryl Yang’s dress, the cutting is so strange and it doesn’t bring out her great body figure. Chris Wang looks pretty decent in his burgundy suit but there’s nothing groundbreaking about it.
Sandrine Pinna and Chris Wang Sandrine Pinna-2 Sandrine Pinna and Chris Wang-1

The cast of A Good Wife (親愛的,我愛上別人了) came together to the red carpet. I’m not a big fan of Tian Xin and Christopher Lee‘s looks but they look good together. When the nomination list was announced, I actually predicted that he’ll be the one bagging the Best Leading Actor Award and I’m glad that he won. It’s quite a feat considering that Christopher Lee won the Best Actor Award in his first Taiwanese Golden Bell Award nomination even though he’s a Malaysian (Singapore’s permanent resident I think?).
Tian Xin, Christopher Lee and Xi Man Ning Tian Xin Tian Xin and Christopher Lee-2

Sun after the rain
Notably the biggest winner of the night, the large cast of Taiwanese-Hokkien-series, Sun After The Rain (雨後驕陽) assemble together for the red carpet. Out of so many nominations, Sun After The Rain took home 3 awards, Zhong Xin-Ling for the Best Leading Actress Award, Chen Bo-Zheng for the Best Supporting Actor Award and the drama itself won the Best Cinematography Award. Zhong Xin-Ling is a plus-sized comedian and it’s very difficult for a comedian actress, furthermore a plus sized one to get a leading role as they won’t be taken seriously so seeing that she won the Best Leading Actress Award is just so amazing, it’s like she won against the odds. Her award speech is also very moving and I hope she can be an inspiration for budding actresses and actors who are still stuck with supporting roles, nothing is impossible. Chen Bo-Zheng should be a familiar face to those who watch a lot of Taiwanese dramas as he still got that acting chops despite his age.  Congratulations to them!!
Sun after the rain - Zhong Xin Ling Winners-4 Chen Bo Zheng-1


6 thoughts on “49th Annual Golden Bell Awards (Drama Section)

    • I still have yet to watch A Good Wife, same goes to the highly raved Fierce Wife, I guess married couple and adultery doesn’t interest me, I’m not that age yet, haha. But anyways, Christopher Lee is a strong actor so his win is expected. Kat already came to claim his boyfriend, ;D


    • Well, nobody really pays attention to the performances in Golden Bell Awards anyway, they just want to know who wins. I prefer Golden Music Award ceremony, especially the video graphics they used this year, so pretty!


  1. this is a great post! out of the ladies, I think Ella looks the best. I’m not really feeling the dresses this year (seems like gray/monochrome is very popular) though I do like Bianca’s look, esp the hair and red lipstick combo. Amber looks the worst because the hair ages her imo and she can look way cuter

    “he’s a winner in real life” (on Blue Lan) I loled! I finally caught up with Apple In Your Eye this weekend and it has some juicy emotional parts. I def agree that he has a good chance of being nominated next year


    • I like Joe Chen’s dress the most but Ella is a close second, Bianca is gorgeous but I love Kimi Hsia’s hairstyle + makeup, if only her dress is of a higher-cut, she would be one of my favorite looks for the night. Blue Lan and Jade Chou just fits so well together, they keep a low-profile about their private lives (well, except for Barbie Hsu in Blue Lan’s case), there’s something so sweet about them being long-time friends turned lovers.

      I’m still behind Apple in Your Eye (at ep6) since I was waiting for it to end before I marathon it but so far, his performance had been very natural.


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