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Chris Wang and Lego Lee Flaunt their Muscles in the Latest Teaser of Aim High (22K夢想高飛)

The first set of teasers is out for Aim High (22K夢想高飛) as Pleasantly Surprised (喜歡. 一個人) is coming to an end this Friday. We get to see Chris Wang (Love Family) and Lego Lee (In A Good Way) flaunting their muscles in the latest teaser and the girls as cheerleaders in the first video teaser. Unfortunately, I find the first set of teasers a bit cheesy for my taste but at least the cast looks promising! However, I kinda like the official drama poster, it’s like In A Good Way (我的自由年代) poster meets modern, it must be because they also use a car as a backdrop.

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The main cast held a press conference last week with Lego Lee, Chris Wang, Guo Shu Yao (Yao Yao) (Office Girls) and Summer Meng (You Light Up My Star) in attendance. I won’t be talking about that press conference in detail as Miss Koala did that already. In brief, Chris Wang is going to pair up with Summer Meng and Lego Lee with Yao Yao. Lego and Yao Yao’s story sounds interesting, a former high school couple that meets again in the workforce.

I know many of you are disappointed that Lorene Ren (In A Good Way) is not Lego’s leading lady and also how SETTV delays the release of the movie version of In A Good Way (I’m also starting to wonder whether that will ever happen or it’s just a hoax?) but give Yao Yao a chance, having the Best Newcomer Award under her belt, It seems that her acting have improved quite a lot. Lorene is lovely but her acting skills still need some more polishing to do, I do love Lego and Lorene together but I think Yao Yao’s short height makes her look cute with Lego.

Aim High will air in October 24th on SETTV, following after Pleasantly Surprised.



4 thoughts on “Chris Wang and Lego Lee Flaunt their Muscles in the Latest Teaser of Aim High (22K夢想高飛)

    • Me too, I think it’s because of the bad lighting and the overall atmosphere, it’s a bit cheesy. Not really feeling the teasers, maybe they’ll do better in the trailer.


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