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The Leading Ladies of Lego Lee & Chris Wang’s Aim High (22K夢想高飛)

We’ve already heard about Lego Lee (In A Good Way) & Chris Wang‘s (Love Family) co-starring in a new drama, Aim High (22K夢想高飛) a few weeks ago and now, we finally get to see their leading ladies. SETTV held a mini press conference with Guo Shu-Yao (Yao Yao) (Mr. Right Wanted, Office Girls), Summer Meng (You Light Up My Star), Lyan Cheng (Fabulous Boys) and Huang Wei-Ting (A Hint of You), the leading ladies in attendance.

It’s said that the 4 girls will play as good friends and have different jobs. The story will revolve around a mobile application development company, Chris Wang’s character is the director of the company’s design department, Lego Lee and Summer Meng’s characters are the employees in the customer-service department. Yao Yao’s character is a sales consultant of an insurance company and she will also play Lego Lee’s high school girlfriend (not sure whether she’s an ex or their relationship is still ongoing). Lyan Cheng will play as a taxi driver and Huang Wei-Ting as a master student majoring in economy. Yao Yao’s character is described as being the most straight-forward out of the 4 girl-friends but despite being sharp-tongued, she has a soft heart underneath the sharp facade. Lyan Cheng’s character is described as a cool girl but at the same time, she’s also a poet-enthusiast but have no intention of  publishing a book for it and is only interested in showing the poets to people she want to show. Huang Wei-Ting’s character has been an economy student for many year and she has big aspirations for the government. Not much is being said about Summer Meng’s character but I feel that she’ll be the first or second most important female lead besides Yao-Yao.

These character descriptions are probably not the most accurate as there may be changes before it officially air in mid-to-late October, following after Pleasantly Surprised (喜歡. 一個人). The setting sounds refreshing and I’m satisfied with the cast, SETTV knows how to utilize fresh faces, I’m excited about Summer Meng and Yao-Yao being the leads, I’ve not seen the Taiwanese version of You’re beautiful but I heard positive reviews about Lyan Cheng as the female lead so I’m keeping my eye on her. This may be the first time Huang Wei-Ting getting a more important role than side characters so out of the cast, her acting may be the most unpolished one. I’m not too sure how will the pairing be like, from the sound of it, Lego Lee and Yao Yao may be a pair and Summer Meng may be with Chris Wang but they may also do a mix-and-match. It also seems that there may be other important male characters to pair up with Lyan Cheng and Huang Wei-Ting.

However, with such a big cast, I’m worried that SETTV won’t be able to bring out the full potential of these young and uprising actors and actresses. SETTV’s dramas always lack a good script and most of their dramas will drag mid-way so I’m lowering my expectation for the show. Hopefully, this drama will surprise me in a good way.

Press Conference Video:

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3 thoughts on “The Leading Ladies of Lego Lee & Chris Wang’s Aim High (22K夢想高飛)

    • I saw Denny Huang’s name in the cast list, he may be one of the important lead. I only saw him before in CN-drama 我愛男閨蜜 and when he played as the brother of second female lead in A Hint of You. I don’t have much impression of him though…


  1. omg i didn’t even realize the second girl from the right was lyan cheng. her hair is awful

    i also didn’t realize huang wei ting = Apple. she looks different from usual, like her face is fuller (in a good way)


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