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In A Good Way’s Finale Ep26 Video Preview Translations & Final Words


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Final words:

SETTV rolls out several versions of video preview for the grand finale of In A Good Way but actually, Liu-Chuan and Jia-En’s version are just a rehash of past scenes but I think they look great, they covered almost all the best parts of the drama, tying the “freedom” theme with the Chinese title and the story as a whole is an awesome idea!
I finally caught up last week up till ep24 and while I don’t necessarily love the whole finding the “byacing” or the treasure-hunting route, things turn out unexpectedly interesting towards the end when they dish out Liu-Chuan’s dad corruption plot. The change in tone doesn’t feel like the campus drama In A Good Way is but it ties in narratively with past happenings and we get to see how complex is the outside world of campus is as not everything is totally black and white, there’s some grey areas to what Liu-Chuan’s dad is doing. He may be doing it for his own greed or for his political standing but he’s not a bad father for sure, he still truly loves Liu-Chuan but he doesn’t realize that his way of loving Liu-Chuan is suffocating his precious son. I always think that the complex relationship between Liu-Chuan and his dad are one of the highlights in In A Good Way and the recent episodes totally prove my view.

In A Good Way is one of those rare SETTV drama that is decent in the quality of their writing as it not only focuses on the romance of these characters, but also the friendship, hardships and complex relationship of these people. They feel real and every characters are unique and interesting in their own ways. I do think that the episode extension kind of drag down the pacing, especially from Ep20 onwards but at least there’s still some plots going on. Honestly, I still find Jia-En and Liu-Chuan cute together but maybe their relationship has been pretty strong, smooth-sailing aside from some quarrels and they’ve been so lovey-dovey for almost 10 episodes, I’m starting to feel a little bit indifferent to this relationship towards the end of the story but maybe the angst in ep25 and the finale will lit the passion I had for this adorable couple again. They’ve this tacit mutual understanding and that’s what I love about them. I just thought that about 21 episodes will be a great length for the pacing of the story and about the right length for the lovey-dovey couple.

Liu-Chuan is such a rare awesome hero in Taiwanese drama because of how clever, thoughtful and complex he is but he’s a truly nice guy and a good friend to others. He may easily fall into those “perfect hero troubled with family issue” troupes but Lego Li plays him with so much layers that Liu-Chuan feels so three-dimensional. I want to give Jia-En the “best improvement award” as she’ve grown so much from an indecisive, meek girl from small town to a girl filled with confidence, wisdom and strong enough to stay beside her loved ones during hard time.

What made the whole show so awesome is seeing how all of these characters grown to become better people, not only Liu-Chuan and Jia-En who have grown, Xiao-Wei who was a weak and timid girl became a brave and strong girl, Tracy and A-Qing who weren’t serious about treating others’ feeling and not have the courage to be serious about relationship became mature in the way they handle relationships, Ri-Qi starts to think about more serious stuffs and not only want to go around the world with his bike, Ren-Wei who was once immature and selfish now learns how to put himself in other’s shoes and have matured a lot compare to how he was in the past, Bai-Xue who was once fixated on Liu-Chuan has now let go of her feelings towards him and became a strong, confident lady that always listen and care about others, she’s not the girl who is not close with anyone anymore, she has a bunch of good friends!

Overall, I still think In A Good Way is one of the best Taiwanese dramas over the recent years. Watching these final previews reminded me of how much I loved and missed the earlier parts of the story, even though the later parts of the story is far from flawless, In A Good Way will still hold a special place in my heart. Hopefully everyone will enjoy this last piece of In A Good Way preview translation from me. It’s been an unforgettable ride so far!


Ep26 Final Video Preview:

Ep26 Final Video Preview Translations

You are a person who truly understands what is freedom.
I seem to understand what does freedom means.

1 2

If I want to obtain real freedom, I shouldn’t escape.
From today onwards, I’ll serve as my father’s appointed lawyer.

3 4

I want to go through all these with you.
I want to be by your side.

5 6

Lin Jia-En!

A-Qing’s dad:
Your dad is not your enemy.

I have to tell you something.

7 9

I’ve decided, I won’t go for the student exchange.

Ep26 Final Video Preview – Liu-Chuan’s version:

Ep26 Final Video Preview – Liu-Chuan’s version Translations

Actually I’m not free.
Because no matter how much I try,
I seem to be trapped in the castle he built for me.

Liu-Chuan’s Dad:
The way to freedom…

Liu-Chuan’s Mom:
To the way of freedom,
you have to pay a very painful price.

I hope Liu-Chuan will obtain true freedom.

Liu-Chuan, you made me understand that love is also a kind of freedom.
Dearest Liu-Chuan, have you found your own freedom?

Ep26 Final Video Preview – Jia-En’s version:

Ep26 Final Video Preview – Jia-En’s version Translations

The me who was singing about freedom at that time didn’t really understood what does freedom truly means.

You’re not free because you don’t have a castle of your own.

You have freedom so you have to be brave and pursue what you truly wants.

Freedom is great!

My freedom is to be a person that becomes better everyday than yesterday.

Embrace freedom, embrace love!

Freedom? I like it!

Thinking about it now, that time was truly my era of freedom.

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