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In A Good Way 我的自由年代 Ep24 Video Preview Translations

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Ep24 Video Preview:

Ep 24 Video Preview Translations

Liu Chuan’s Dad:
Land reform is always the most important thing to me.
I have to make sure that I see things in long term aspects, clearer than anyone else,
so that I’m able to make the best use of each land.
This will bring people happiness.

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On the surface, he seems so innocent.
But who knows what kind of misdeeds he do in the back.

I only know that I miss you, I want to be by your side.

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7 thoughts on “In A Good Way 我的自由年代 Ep24 Video Preview Translations

  1. I don’t know how much I say thank you to you! I had stopped watching ‘In A Good Way’ because I always want to know happen next, so I decided to wait until it is fully aired to watch it, but every week I am on here looking forward to your translated preview! Thank you so much!! Thank you, thank you!!


    • It’s the last piece of translated preview, good to hear people are enjoying my translations. I’m ready to pick this up once it finished airing. I kinda feel sad it’s going to end soon even though I somehow start to neglect IAGW after JE and LC got together. It will still hold a special place in my heart.


    • Ahahaha, IAGW ends at 26 eps so you’ll still have two more posts to do! Admittedly, the direction of IAGW has diverted with the focus being more central to the treasure than the campus life that IAGW started off on but I guess this is all in the process of growing up.


    • Really!!! Oh my god, i feel so outdated, I thought that they will finish in ep24, no wonder the preview doesnt seem like a finale preview, Lol! 2 More previews to go before I welcome puff and jasper’s new show.


  2. Aaah..! I’ve always says JE is lucky to have such a wonderful man like LC, but as the story progress, we starts to understand why such a wonderful man like LC chose JE.


    • LC is also lucky to have such a nice girl like JE to stay by his side even when others are giving him the doubts because of his dad. I think JE have grown a lot, especially when you compare her to when she first came to Taipei.


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