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In A Good Way 我的自由年代 Ep18 Video Preview Translations (03/18 – NEW Preview Updated)

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Ep18 Video Preview 1: (scroll down for new preview)

Ep 18 Video Preview 1 Translations


I didn’t expect the clues to be hidden in the borders of the painting frame.

There are numbers and letters in this string of letters but I can’t see any pattern.

How about if we only combine the letters together?
We checked this word before, it means the way to freedom.

01 02

After grandfather left, did he leave anything behind for you?

Liu-Chuan’s dad:
Yes, there is.

Do you really plan to study abroad after you graduate?

Are you worried about us getting separated for some time in the future?

03 04

I can face all these maturely, I will be independent!

This is not being independent, you’re just over-compensating!

05 06

I will prove to you that I’m really independent and not over-compensating.

07 08

Ep18 Video Preview 2:

Ep 18 Video Preview 2 Translations

I think no matter how a person changes,
there will be a part of you that is never going to change.

Woman on the line:
Is there someone called Lin Jia-En at your place?

2030 (Similar sounding to “Love you, Miss you” in chinese)

Jia-En’s dad:
Lin Jia-En!
Did you stay overnight at Rui Fang hotel?

One thought on “In A Good Way 我的自由年代 Ep18 Video Preview Translations (03/18 – NEW Preview Updated)

  1. aw, meeeeen, another angst-filled episode (it looks like it) right after a romantic one…hopefully it doesn’t last more than one episode. Thank you for the eng translation! :)))


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