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In A Good Way 我的自由年代 Ep17 Video Preview Translations (03/11 – NEW Preview Updated)

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Ep17 Video Preview 1: (scroll down for new preview)

Ep 17 Video Preview 1 Translations

Do you want to take a bath first?
Use hot water, I’m worried that you’ll catch a cold.
I’ll watch TV, I won’t peek.

I’ll peel, give it to me!

This is the first time in my life I’ve ever seen you peel shrimps for someone.
You’ve changed!

I’ve changed since long time ago!
It’s just that you didn’t notice.

Our Zheng Ren-Wei is now a mature man.

Liu-Chuan, don’t you want to take action?
Girls are modest,
instead of telling you directly what they want,
they will give you hints.

02 01

What’s wrong?!

04 03

It’s rare to have you treating me to a meal and it’s even so sumptuous!

This is nothing!
In the future, just tell me what you want to eat.
Only left with $59, what am I going to do for next month?

05 06

Tonight, which base do you plan to run until with Liu-Chuan?

07 08

Ep17 Video Preview 2: 

Ep 17 Video Preview 2 Translations

Wait a minute!
The earliest train would only arrive at five in the morning.

Liu-Chuan:             Jia-En:
I want a room.               Two rooms. (Both speaking at the same time.)

Liu-Chuan:             Jia-En:
Two rooms then.          Then, just one. (Both speaking at the same time.)

01 02

Do you care about the dating progress?

03 04
05 06

3 thoughts on “In A Good Way 我的自由年代 Ep17 Video Preview Translations (03/11 – NEW Preview Updated)

  1. Thank you for the preview translations. You are really the fastest. Wow. That’s a lot of skin exposure and quality time between the couple. Kekekeke…


  2. Meeeeen, when i think this couple is moving sooooo slow…Now i think they’re moving soooooo fast, but previews can be misleading so perhaps nothing will happen between them and the latter scene in the preview above is just a dream sequence? But since when did we get a dream/fantasy sequence in this drama? Anyway, i’m still excited for the next episode. thank you so much for the preview translations! ^__^


    • Ren-wei likes to daydream a lot and so far, its only him that is thinking of the fantasy sequence so its quite rare to see Jia-En and Liu-Chuan thinking of their own fantasy sequence, haha! But i am excited though, it should be fun.


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