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Obsessed with Bridal Mask

To be honest, it was one of my most anticipated drama but I didn’t know I will be so obsessed with this drama that it kept on bugging my mind.

What I love about this drama is our anti-hero, our kickass heroine and our gentle cute second male lead rounding up the love triangle. So far, I can’t imagine anything romantic about our hero and heroine (yet) but we all know they are gonna fall in love with each other.

Boy, he’s so harsh towards her that I hope in the future when he finds out she’s the girl he rescued when he was young and fall in love with her first, he’ll regret how he bad he treated her. I wish our female lead don’t let him get her heart so easily.

I came across this funny comment in dramabeans. I literally LOL at the thought of this.

Can you imagine the stories they’d tell the kids? “The first few times your mother and I met, she tried to stab me, kicked me in the crotch and spat me in the face, and I hunted her down, had her tortured and almost executed…”


This is the most dysfunctional and violent OTP ever made in “my” drama history, I’m not sure whether there are other OTPs as violent as this pair. Maybe I’m a masochist because their violent dynamic actually made me excited for what’s to come. *Insert creepy grin*

I wonder how will their dynamic be if they meet under different circumstances…
Their chemistry is oozing from those intense stare… GAHHHHH, please be nicer to her, Kangto!!

For now, I guess some bromance will work for me temporarily to quench the thirst of my desire for a loving OTP. People who haven’t watch this drama yet might think that our 2 male leads are the real OTP…

I don’t mind them being the OTP of bridal mask but then I adore Jin Se Yeon so much (from the daily drama My daughter is the flower) that I want both guys falling for her, HA

At first when I read her character description, I didn’t think she will be so badass to even jump, climb, stab, kick and perform all those kickass moves. I know she will have some action scenes but I didn’t know she’ll be this strong. It will be better if she don’t need the help of bridal mask but then… without bridal mask saving her, it will be no bridal mask. =p

^See that character description poster picture? It’s so misleading, I thought she will be all “candy”. Actually, I’m fine with candy girl.. there’s really nothing wrong with a girl being a… girl right? I don’t get all the hate for candy girl.

Some people may say that Dan is so one-dimensional and I agree parts and bits of it because it’s true that she doesn’t have a conflicting past like Shunji or a conflicting ideal like Kangto so she’s “pure” good. However, I think that there’s nothing wrong with being 100% good and she need more scenes to show personality instead of only all action scenes of running away from danger. At least she’s feisty and got guts to throw a rock in the middle of funeral parade. I applaud!

I like her optimism, she got a strong heart.

I’m so surprised to see how far the writers made the hero to be such a villain to even torture our heroine until this bloody. I’m totally rooting for his downfall in this scene despite actually rooting for him when he was in jail. I think everyone who watch this drama will be experiencing some split personality because of our anti-hero.

But for now I just can’t wait for next week and while I expect the romance part to be progressing very slowly, I’m hoping that our hero will at least reunite with our heroine by the end of next week.

Give me my Gaksital!! *Pouts*

For some reason, it sounds like give me my samgyupsal…. I think I’m hungry…


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